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Innovative Diversity  and Mentorship Program

MentorsCycle is a platform dedicated to empowering professionals through mentorship, networking, and specialized programming. We have developed a one-of-a-kind program suited to organizations that are interested in investing and developing their minority talent. By partnering with MentorsCycle organizations demonstrate their commitment to investing and developing a pipeline of diverse employees ready to take on new and existing opportunities within their organizations at every level.

As you know, this last year has been incredibly challenging.  Between the Covid-19 pandemic, the death of George Floyd, and the protests against social and racial injustice, it has been somewhat comforting to hear corporations take a stand against racism and declare a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion.


As promising as this commitment has been, however, the diversity numbers being reported continue to tell a different story. According to a research study conducted by Mercer, 81% of women in executive roles are white, compared with 6% who are Black and 3% who are Hispanic. Asian or Pacific Islander women hold 8% of posts among women executives. Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino populations (overall and just for women as well) are underrepresented at every career level above the support staff level when compared to their representation in the general population.


The bottom line is Corporate America’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion is still wanting and needs a lot of improvement. Black, Indigenous, and People of color have become increasingly frustrated and disillusioned by the slow pace of change in the workplace and have begun demanding for immediate and visible change.


it is incumbent that companies take the necessary steps to finally close the diversity gap and show their employees that they are truly making meaningful efforts to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, and that’s where MentorsCycle's work begins.

What Employers Can Expect

•Opportunity to recruit, develop, mentor, and sponsor your minority talent.

•Recognition as a Premier Diversity and Inclusion Partner.

•Access to a diverse pool of candidates.

•Access to a pipeline of high-potential diverse candidates.

•Employee engagement.

•Business success.



•Mentorship and networking opportunities with other minority professionals and thought leaders.

•Specialized programming provided by successful and subject matter professionals.

•Employment and sponsorship opportunities.

•Professional and career development opportunities.

Engaged employees who feel valued and included. 

What Employees Can Expect
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